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Geocaching Kids
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Geocaching Tips - Geocaching For Kids

Geocaching is a great source of exercise for your video game driven kids. Geocaching involves the technological fun of GPS units with the simplicity of a treasure hunt. Geocaching kids are actually more likely to value the environment more than a child who is primarily entertained by indoor activities.

Children can really be inspired by geocaching as well as other outdoor activities. When taking your child geocaching remember to always plan accordingly. Weather & terrain can always pose potential problems on any cache, with or without kids along. So be sure to tell someone else what you will be doing and where abouts, also bring a cell phone with on the geocache, do not leave it in the car! You might actually need it for an emergency. Also depending upon the ages of the kids, explain what geocaching is, or have them participate in a "cache in trash out" concept of hiking in nature.

The last thing to remember about geocaching with kids is to always slow down & relax. Geocaching like fishing, or hunting, is not always about the end result; but more about the experience itself. So be sure to enjoy the time outside with your kids, look around and show them or let them experience the benefits of mother nature at her best.

Geocaching Kids 
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