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geocaching terms

Geocaching Tips - Dictionary of Geocaching Terms

Glossary of Geocaching Acronyms

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

BYOP - Bring your own Pencil for logging the cache

CITO - Cash in Trash out

DNF - Did not find

GPSR - Global Positioning Satellite Receiver

FTF - First to find

STF -Second to find

TB - Travel Bug

TFTC -Thanks for the cache

TFTH - Thanks for the hunt

TNLN - Took nothing Left nothing

TNLNSL - Took nothing Left nothing Signed log

XSSL - Exchanged Something Signed log

YAPIDKA - Yet another park I didn't know about

Dictionary of Geocaching Terms

Benchmark - A survey marker used by the US geological surveys.

Geodashing - GPS game; quickest through or most caches wins.

Letterboxing - A similar game using clues to find the next location. Upon completion a stamp in the letterbox is used to confirm your find.

Microcache - Extremely small container used in geocaching

Muggler - Non geocaching individuals who tamper with or vandalize geocaches.

Multi-Cache - A series of caches containing coordinates for the next cache.

Newbie - Probably you if you dont know the term

Park N Grab - A cache spot located close to the relative area of parking.

Redirector - Cache which redirects to another cache

Spoiler - Tips or clues to finding the cache

Swag - Novelty items located in the cache container

Travel Bug - Dog take looking item passed from cache to cache & tracked via website.

Virtual Cache - A non physical geocache where a location is actually the cache. The experience is then reported by the finder to the hider for log.

Waypoint - Coordinates representing locations on the surface of the planet.