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Geocaching 101

  • Bring proper geocaching gear with on every cache, spare batteries, flashlight, etc... Geocaching still involves mother nature; be prepared.
  • Make a waypoint upon reaching the general location of the cache.
  • Print a copy of the cache description before venturing out into the wild. (you could bring the spoilers with just in case)
  • Even though geocaching is a game, take your time to enjoy the process. Take your time when looking for a cache, don't destroy everything in your path to find the geocache.
  • Have respect for the earth by trying not to disturb the natural surroundings of the geocache.
  • Allow your GPS to recalculate by slowing down or stopping to get your coordinates right.
  • Always leave the geocache exactly how you found it. Do not re-hide a cache, or spend a lot of time at the cache spot itself. No one wants to have a geoacache vandalized or stolen.
  • Try to clean up any area of nature you are involved in. Some geocachers take great pride in the "cache in; trash out" motto.
  • Respect every cache you find, don't be afraid to leave an item, or exchange an item of equal value.
  • Be considerent when placing items in a cache box don't place adult related items in the cache, keep it family friendly.
  • Make sure to report any geocaching problems to the related site in which you found the coordinates.
  • Enjoy the excursion by relaxing, and enjoying your surroundings. The real meaning of geocaching is seeing things you never saw before.